Students succeed in 2021 academic year

Students of the Asia Pacific Multi-cultural College (APMCC), have been commended for sticking out this COVID-19 impacted year, and graduating with flying colors.

On Friday 29 October, the school celebrated with its grade 10s and 12s, who had done well this year. The students were encouraged to be more proactive in their work and to keep aiming high.

Paul Henao, was a grade 12 graduate. He spoke highly of the students and saluted them for holding up their student ethics, which has seen to their end of year success.

‘’Today is a defining milestone in our lives, and I felt a lot of pressure while writing this speech to share something uniquely profound but whole heartedly relatable. It is no secret or debate that we have proven ourselves to be one of the most resilient class in the Asia Pacific history,” he said.


The School’s Executive Director Thomas Phillar also congratulated the graduates, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Phillar also said while the government education system has limited space for students to further their studies, APMCC provides an opportunity for students to pursue further studies.

“Government system, the church system and all other systems that are available for secondary school education is quite unfortunate because they have drop outs along the way. With Asia Pacific’s ‘Why ba nogat’ system, we have you all the way to getting your master’s degree. We have done it and we’ll do it,” Phillar said


APMCC is providing an education system with 50 percent of it’s ‘Why ba nogat’ scholarship with partner institutions. This scholarship will see students studying for a Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality and Bachelor of Nursing, including other diploma programs.

Cecilia Miolol