Students Sit Exam Amid Challenges

St. Patrick’s Primary School in Gabone, Rigo Coast of Central Province concluded the Grade 8 examination with the rest of the country this week, despite challenges.

The 16 Grade 8 students including 10 male and six females, started their examinations on Monday 25th October with English Paper 1, followed by Mathematics, Combined Subjects and ended the exams with the final English Paper 2 on Thursday October 28, 2021.

The school administration faced many challenges especially in the fourth term disrupting classes. Staff and especially the Grade 8 students had little time to prepare for the exams.

Isaac Kana from the nearby Tauruba Primary School was the exam invigilator at Gabone, he highlighted some of the challenges faced by the local school before the exams.

He said a major obstacle was the non-payment of the school’s TFF, as it needed funding to buy learning materials. Then with the COVID-19, the school concentrated on trying to keep students safe and classes shortened.

As a local tradition, the school counted as one of the 17 clans in the village was obliged to contribute towards the opening of a newly completed United Church building on Saturday 30 October. Another obligation for the school, which diverted attention away from the exam preparation.

Despite the commitments and shortfalls, the students did not give up but prepare for the exam.

“They organized themselves, sat in front of the classroom near the altar was and held their own liturgy before sitting for the exam,” Mr Kana said.

According to student leaders, Michelyn Tom and Richard Brian, their aim of becoming someone in the future is the driving factor and the students hope for the best next year.

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