Students injured, parents lay complaint

A number of students are seeking medical treatment in the hospital after being “disciplined” by their teachers.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said: “Some frustrated parents of students attending elementary and primary schools in Manus Province have reported that some teachers have abused and harshly disciplined their children using excessive force.

“As a result, some students sustained severe injuries and have been referred to hospital for medical treatment.”

He said teachers have no legal right to abuse or use excessive force to discipline students at school.

“Their actions amount to criminal offences and by law, they can be charged criminally,” he stated.

PPC Yapu has written a letter to the executive manager of the Division of Education, and the Manus Provincial Administration to seriously look into the matter.

He feared that frustrated parents might take the law into their own hands and attack the teachers.

The cases have been reported to the police and will be investigated.

“Offending teachers will be arrested and face the full force of the law for their unethical actions, and recommended to the Teaching Service Commission for termination,” said the PPC.

“Students have the right to education and must be treated fairly to further their education, which is their parents’ investment.”

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