Students Display Science Work

Students of the School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS) of the University of Papua New Guinea, recently showcased their science experiments and other work, to secondary school students, during a science fair.

The science fair, hosted at the university, was a display of work by the six SNPS strands. The Physics strand was won the trophy for best display.

Head of Physics Moyap Kilepak congratulated his students. “I am proud and want to congratulate the physics students. This shows that what we have been teaching, has have put into,” Kilepak said.

Dean of SNPS Professor Simon Saulei explained what the different divisions have on display.

“The biology students portrayed forest resources that are renewable and can sustain livelihood. In chemistry they show how oil is extracted from plants and is used for cosmetic and medical purposes.

“The mathematics department built computer models used in electronics while the generation of solar and electricity was done by the physicians. The earth science students were presenting the different filtration technology that can be used to filter clean drinking water,” he added.

Third year Physics student Ephraim Fegika said they chose to present their displays to secondary school students to get them to develop an interest in studying physics.

Grade 12 student Sine Arua Koete from Jubilee Secondary, shared a ‘take-away’ point after looking at the displays.

“I have learnt about solar panels and how rural Papua New Guineans can use them if they have no access to electricity,” Koete said.


Story by: Majeleen Yanei (UPNG Journalism Student)

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