Student pleads for government intervention

Election related violence in Enga has resulted in the destruction of school properties, homes and many lives in the process.

Lisa Gabby, a female student in Enga, is pleading on behalf of her people for a free, fair and safe election. Her plea is directed to the PNG Electoral Commission Commissioner, Simon Sinai. She has written an email, asking for a stop to counting and an investigation into the killings and destruction in Enga.

She writes, “Dear Commissioner, I am from Wabag Central, Enga Province. I'd like to declare to your office that Enga Province is in chaos and the death toll has risen in numbers from men, women, young and elderly. More deaths are occurring as I am typing this email.”

“I plead on behalf of my people and Enga Province, can the counting be stopped immediately and more law enforcers be sent to the province now.

“There are deaths occurring at what is considered the safest vicinity that is the police station of Wabag town. Just few hours ago, a man was chopped to pieces by another candidate’s supporter from Kandep.

“Hijacking has been seen in all parts of Enga. There was no voting. All across Enga is in chaos, schools being burnt, vehicles burnt, road blocks, etc.

“We desperately need national government attention and through the EC to put a full stop to the counting process. More deaths anticipated if counting is allowed in Wabag or even moved elsewhere.

“This is a desperate call to the commissioner and the national government to act now,” the young student wrote.

A similar call to end or move counting outside of Enga were made by incumbent MP for Kompiam-Ambum, Sir John Pundari, and sitting MP for Lagaip Porgera, Tomait Kapili.

Freddy Mou