Strong wind warning issued for southern PNG

People living along the coast of southern Papua New Guinea are urged to take necessary precaution when going out to sea following strong winds causing rough seas.

An initial strong wind warning has been issued today by the PNG National Weather Service (PNG NWS).

Strong winds will be experienced throughout the coastal waters of southern PNG through Torres Straight and Daru.

They’ll be strong southeast to northwest winds of 25/34 knots expected to continue within the next 12 hours causing rough seas and high wind waves.

All small crafts and boats are advised to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

PNG NWS assistant director Jimmy Gomoga stresses that people should be wary of these warnings issued every time and adhere to these warnings to avoid getting lost out at sea.

Coastal villagers are also warned to avoid traveling long distances by boat or dinghy and also going out fishing during this time of strong winds.

Gomoga said previously that strong winds were expected during the wet season especially along the southern coast of PNG.


Quintina Naime