Strong wind warning issued for southern PNG

People living at the southern part of Papua New Guinea have been warned of strong winds.

The PNG National Weather Service issued strong northwest to west winds of 25/34 knots.

Coastal villages are warned to take precaution when going out to sea following strong winds causing rough seas.

The strong winds will affect all coastal waters of Southern PNG through Daru to Kiwai Island to Kerema, Yule Island and to all Milne Bay Islands.

Coastal villagers are warned to avoid traveling long distances by boat or dinghy and also going out fishing during this time of strong winds.

PNGNWS assistant director Jimmy Gomoga says people should be wary of these warnings issued every time and adhere to these warnings to avoid being caught up in floods or storms.

He stressed that those on land should not go out to the forest in case of trees falling on them or avoid going outdoors to avoid powerlines falling on them.

In terms of flooding, people should be wary about landslides especially in the Highlands region.

Gomoga added that strong winds will continue right across the country in February with higher rainfall in February and March so flooding can be expected in some areas.

Quintina Naime