Stop vandalizing: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has appealed to those in the earthquake disaster provinces to stop destroying vital infrastructure and allow people to help them.

O’Neill made these remarks after getting reports that Digicel towers were being vandalized.

“I’m appealing to our people that this is a time for us to work together for the immediate needs of our people,” appealed the PM.

“These kind of actions do not help anyone.

“Let us try and restore communication as it is vital and would save lives. We may need to send help to send food supply and medical supply to these areas.”  

O’Neill also added that the Government had also dealt with some landowner issues along some of the road slips.

“This is a natural disaster and not created by someone where there is some compensation to be claimed.

“This kind of mentality needs to be stopped.”

He said he had directed the PNGDF officers to arrest those who are blocking the road and asking for compensation.

Freddy Mou