Still no response for teachers

After rejecting the State’s proposal to pay the 3 % pay increase over a period of 24 fortnights commencing 2018, the PNG Teachers Association is still waiting on a response from authorities.

No official response has yet to be made from the PNG Teachers Commission and other related Government agencies including the Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari.

PNG Teachers Association National General Secretary, Ugwalubu Mowana said while they acknowledge the current cash flow issue the country is going through, they need to convene another meeting to address this.

Secretary Mowana has written two letters to the Chief Secretary to Government and Chairman of the Teachers Services Commission on the 2nd of February and 26th of February respectively, however he has not received any response.

In the letter to the Chief Secretary, PNGTA explained that the three proposed scheduled to pay the teachers was rejected simply because this schedule will deter the purchasing power of the “take home pay” for the teachers.

Mowana said further to the demise of the strength of the pay, the State options will not give any cushioning as a result of inflation over the next three years.

He said teachers are basically spenders in rural environment as such they unfortunately pay high prices of goods and services, even to the extent that school supplies are transported at the expense of the teachers’ pay on occasion.

While the Chairman of Teachers Services Commission has indicated that the agreement will commence as of pay number 6, Mowana is still sceptical, and wants proper confirmation from other line departments.

He has requested for the Teachers Services Commission to resume talks with PNG Teachers Services Association on March 5th 2018. 


(File picture of teachers in Oro)

Charmaine Poriambep
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