Stepdad charged with sexual abuse after viral post

Police in Manus have arrested and locked up a stepfather for the alleged sexual abuse of his stepchildren.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, chief inspector David Yapu, directed his officers from family sexual violence to investigate and take appropriate actions after the issue went viral on social media.

The accused, Willie Towak, aged 43 of Pak Island, Rapatona LLG, was arrested and charged with sexual abuse.

Police alleged that since 2013, the accused allegedly abused the victim, Raylene Pachichi, with her two small sisters after their mother married him following their father’s passing in 2011.

“The incident was never reported to Police at Lorengu Police Station due to continuous threats issued by Towak,” stated the PPC.

Towak will appear at the Lorengau District Court on January 8th for mention.

PPC Yapu is appealing to the people of Manus to come forward to the family sexual violence unit office or sexual offences squad office and report such incidents to Police to investigate and take appropriate actions.

He thanked 22-year-old Raylene Pachichi for her courage in reporting the incident on Facebook, which saw the eventual arrest of their stepfather.

Pachichi sought help on social media after countless visits to the Manus police station proved to be futile as “he’s friends with the police and always gets his way”.

According to the post, the girls and their mother have suffered all forms of sexual and verbal harassment for six years.

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