Steady crime rate in NCD: Police

The crime rate in the nation’s capital has not seen an increase nor a decrease.

“The crime rate has been steady,” says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou.

Last week’s statistics saw five cases of break and enter, six cases of stolen motor vehicles, one case of armed robbery, two reported cases of fraud, one reported case of homicide and one reported case of sexual offence.

“The crime statistics indicate a steady rate in the criminal activities, which are currently being dealt with by the police officers.”

N’Dranou commended his personnel for their timely effort in dealing with the illegal criminal activities and ensuring that such activities do not increase and prevail in the city.

Residents have been urged to be aware of the presence of police out on the streets, especially during and after the APEC meets and events.

“Their presence will continue to suppress the rate of criminal activities from happening daily in the city.”

He also thanked the support of the general public in assisting police to reduce the crime rate and availing information for arrests.

Annette Kora