Stay away from VONC, citizens warned

The Vote of No Confidence motion, which maybe tabled in Parliament today, May 28th, 2024 is for the members of the parliament, and ordinary citizens should not use the situation to create law and order issues.

Commander for Northern, Assistant Commissioner of Police Peter Guinness warned the public not to use the Vote of No Confidence, to create unnecessary excitement, or anxiety which may lead to law and order problems.

He said the proposed VONC is a government process that only politicians will deal with.

“The VONC has got nothing to do with the public at large, you and I have already elected our leaders, and they are now sitting in parliament, it is up to them to decide who will become the next Prime Minister,” he said

Guinness encouraged citizens to remain at home and watch the process unfold during livestreams by media platforms, and not turn up at the parliament house.

“I like to call upon the public at large to refrain from going to the parliament to watch the motion because what is going to be happening tomorrow will be broadcast live. You can sit in the comfort of your home and watch the proceedings.

“The VONC will not start and finish tomorrow, it has a long process so it will take time. Tomorrow they will introduce the VONC in Parliament and the politicians will take it on from there. There are set procedures that guide the process of electing the Prime Minister or conducting the VONC,” he said

Guinness said police and military will be out in full force to ensure the events of January 10 are not repeated.

PNGDF Task Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Velmoore Kagen, said the military will be providing manpower and other support to the Police to be on the lookout for people using the VONC to cause trouble.

Meanwhile, 120 PNGDF personnel and 400 police personnel have been engaged to provide joint security during the Vote of No Confidence motion.

More members will be required to join the current members on the ground should there be a need for additional manpower.

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