Standard bus fare set by ICCC

PMV users are encouraged to report PMVs who charge more than the standard fee set by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC).

In a notice to PMVs, the ICCC has set K1 bus fare for adults, primary and secondary students will pay 50t while tertiary students are 80t.

“This is the approved bus fare for 2019,” said ICCC Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Paulus Ain.

“PMV crews must not charge more than this amount. If you charge the passengers more than this amount, you will be charged.”

PMV users (commuters) are urged to report to the ICCC on 325 2144 or 180 3333 (toll free) and provide the following details:

  1. Plate number of the bus
  2. The particular route this offence occurred
  3. The time of day and the date the offence occurred
  4. Complainant name and contact details
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