St. John Unveils Website

St. John Ambulance has unveiled a new website dedicated to promote and deliver its services within the communities it serves.

In a partnership with Be Pacific Digital Agency, the St John Ambulance website will continue to commitment in conducting ambulance services and introduce e-commerce, where customers can do payment online.

St. John’s is heavily dependent on funding from the community and availing online payment will help generate much-needed funds, because St. John’s social enterprise helps them raise funds to subsidies any funding they get from the PNG Government.

Chief Executive Officer of St. John Ambulance, Matt Cannon said the organization is intending to add an e-commerce platform so customers can buy new first aid kits, restock their kits, or purchase ambulance membership each year.

The website has also added a donation page where people can make a donation to St John using their credit or debit card online.

The website is very easy to navigate and can be used for educational purpose.

Press Release