St John suspends Morata services following attack

St John has suspended all ambulance services to the suburb of Morata, in Port Moresby, until the safety of their ambulance staff can be guaranteed by community leaders.

The ambulance service reported that at around 4am today, a St John ambulance bus was held-up at gun point in Morata.

“Significant damage was inflicted upon our staff and vehicle, including indiscriminate theft of property,” St John said in a statement.

Commissioner Matthew Cannon said: “I am disgusted by this indiscriminate attack on my colleagues.

“Our ambulance men and women put their own lives at risk to help others every hour of the day; they choose to do this well aware of the ever-present and worsening dangers in this city.

“We will be pursuing those involved to the full extent of the law.”

Meantime, a crisis meeting took place this morning with community leaders led by St John Inspector Jethro Philemon, Duty Operations Manager.

A full statement will be given later today as more information comes to hand.

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