St Barbara delivers multi-million dollar projects

St Barbara recently delivered two major projects at its Simberi Operations.

Operations General Manager Randy McMahon said the multi-million-dollar projects included the Deep-Sea Tailings’ Placement (DSTP) pipeline and the ph monitoring system facility, constructed over three months without any incident.

The projects form part of Simberi Operation’s sulphides extension, for which St Barbara is currently seeking an environmental permit.

St. Barbara said application for the environmental permit for sulphides mining is currently being assessed by the Conservation and Protection Authority.

Construction work started on September 20, 2021 and ended on January 6, 2022. Almost 100 pipeline specialists, engineers, technicians, tradespeople, and divers teamed up deliver the projects.

The works also included upgrades to the process of monitoring pH levels and the building and safe installation of a 540-metre DSTP line deep on the ocean floor.

Meanwhile Mr McMahon, who commenced this month as the new General Manager of Simberi Operations, recently met with community leaders where they agreed to continue working in close partnership to secure royalties and other benefits for the people of Simberi and the rest of the Tabar islanders.

The communities of Simberi, Tatau and Big Tabar have also given their full consent for St Barbara to extend mine life for another 10 years.

St Barbara has delivered over K350 million worth of community and government benefits including royalties, income taxes and health and education support during its 13 years of operation at Simberi.

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