Soldier in Domestic Violence case on good behaviour

A PNGDF soldier has been put on good behaviour bond for the next two years after he was convicted for causing grievous bodily harm to his former wife.

George Hanio from Lufa, Eastern Highlands province, returned before the Waigani National Court this morning where he was sentenced to three years in prison.

That sentence was wholly suspended to allow him rehabilitation. He will pay a fine of K500 and was put on good behaviour bond for the next two years.

Hanio pleaded guilty to the charge on April 12.

His case is one of domestic violence where he used a stick to beat up his former wife, leaving her with a broken arm and leg.

The incident took place on June 18, 2015, at Murray Barracks following an argument.

Hanio apologised to the court for his actions, but said he was provoked by his wife, who back then was having an affair with another man and was sleeping out without informing him.

The assault on June 18, 2015, took place after he went over to the woman’s cousin’s place and told her to return home, pack her things and move out.

She returned home only to find him setting fire to some of her properties.  That was when the beating took place after an argument. He later took her to the hospital.

A compensation payment of K4000 was paid to the woman for her injuries and they had reconciled since.

She asked the court to give him a non-custodial sentence due to his health condition.

She also told the court that their children need him.

Hanio has served the PNGDF for 20 years.

Sally Pokiton