Smart Start Campaign Activated

Paradise Foods paid a visit to two of Central Province’s Schools to carry out awareness and activate the Smart Start Back2School promotion within the schools.

Located in the Sogeri Mountains of Central Province, the Sogeri National High is considered a School of Excellence, and was selected as an entry point for the Paradise Foods first stop for the Smart Start Back2School Promotion.

School Principal Teddy Feria said that this was the first time the school was visited by an FMCG company since his commencement at the school. He looks forward to forging a partnership between the school and Paradise Foods.

The Paradise Foods team made their final stop at the Iarowari Agro Technical Secondary School. Paradise Foods last visited the school seven years ago, when they provided support for a fundraiser in 2015.

Iarowari participated in the emNAU Back2School Promotions from previous years. It is elated to be part of the Smart Start Back2School Promotion at Iarowari ATSS.

The promotion is running nationwide from Monday 21 February to Friday 8 April 2022.


Carol Kidu