SJA Suspends Services In Chimbu After Attack

St. John Ambulance has temporarily stopped services in Chimbu Province following an attack on one of its ambulances last week.

The incident occurred on Wednesday 4th of January in Sipagkul village in the Gumine District, while the ambulance crew was responding to an emergency.

St. John Ambulance Chief Executive Officer, Matt Cannon said at this stage, they do not understand why the locals were acting hostile towards the ambulance and crew.

“The ambulance crew approached Sipagkul village where they had people throwing stones and offensive weapons.

“A rock came into contact with the ambulance smashing the window and causing damage to the side of the vehicle,” said Mr Cannon.


Because of the incident, services have been temporarily suspended until the vehicle is repaired.

“The ambulance affected is one of two ambulances in Kundiawa. It will be offline for about a week while repairs are done.

“The second ambulance is having schedule maintenance.  As a result of this, we won’t be able to provide an ambulance service to all people of Chimbu,” said Mr Cannon.


A disappointed Mr Cannon described the incident as unnecessary caused by inconsiderate individuals, which has interrupted service delivery to the whole community.

“We are disappointed when events like this happen.  Ambulances should have free passage within communities to get to people that need help. We support all people.

“We do not discriminate.  If someone in is need of help, our job is to get to them and provide that help and get them to emergency medical treatment that they need.”

Jemimah Sukbat