Siwai Celebrates Cultural Show

The Siwai Cultural Show was a spectacular event that saw every individual adorned in beautiful traditional attire performing to melodious tunes from bamboo bands to panpipes and group singsing.

The events dignitaries were received by the Siwai people in a wonderful procession of dancers leading them in.

Minister for Tourism, Arts & Culture, Isi Henry Leonard as an honored guest at the joyful event officially opened the Cultural Show and informed the people that the department would continue to support the program.

He also presented a copy of a cheque for K10, 000 to the Tourism Siwai Association, received by chairman of the Siwai event association, and also a certificate to appreciate Aleta Cultural.

The Minister and those present for the occasion were given a wonderful and educational tour of the event grounds, visiting stalls and watching an array of cultural performances.

A warehouse was on full display of artefacts from baskets, placemats, traditional garden tools, roasted galip nuts, traditional food and more for everyone’s delight and Kodak moment.

The aim of the cultural event was to unify the people to come back to their own districts and to work together to effectively develop their areas.

Carol Kidu