Sir J expresses sadness over Sir Wilson’s passing

New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan has expressed sadness at the passing of the late Sir Leonard Wilson Kamit who passed away on January 9th 2023.

“Many great men come and go; they leave their mark where they thread on Earth and their legacy transcends through the ages. The former Governor of the Bank of Papua New Guinea, the late Sir Leonard Wilson Kamit is such a man,” said Sir Julius

He said Sir Leonard Wilson Kamit was a career banker for over 39 years and was one of the key pioneers within the Central Bank since 1973.

“He worked alongside the first Governor of the Central Bank, the late Sir Henry ToRobert and, indeed, over my two terms as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

“Hearing of his passing on the 9h of January 2023, I am deeply saddened by the news. As the sixth Governor of the Bank of PNG, Sir Wilson oversaw the introduction of the new Central Banking Act and Banks and Financial Institutions Act with a more focused set of roles and functions.”

Sir Julius said in his capacity as the Minister for Finance for many years, he valued the confidence and close working ties with Papua New Guineans at the helm of Finance and Banking institutions paving the way for our currency, the introduction of new banks and proper regulation of the Savings and Loan Societies.

“It is a milestone for Papua New Guinea that the late Sir Wilson Kamit was appointed to a senior executive position at the head office of the Asian Development Bank in Manila and continued to be fully engaged in various Boards and Consultancies with the Government and the private sector.”

Sir Julius described him as a delightful, humble person. Hard-working and honest, serving as mentor to many.

“I remember well, when I sent him on a secret mission to Los Angeles to investigate a hoax financial scheme. A mission of no small consequence in the uncertain world of international finance. Without going into detail, I can say he was successful in achieving our objective.”

The casket of the late Sir Leonard Wilson Kamit arrived in Kavieng today, accompanying the casket alongside wife Winifred Kamit and his children family were a number of public figures, including former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet, Acting Governor of the Bank of PNG Benny Popoitai, former BPNG Governor Loi Bakani and other prominent New Irelanders.

A funeral service was held at the Kavieng United Church before the body was laid to rest at the CIS Cemetary in Kavieng in the afternoon.

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