Simbu to get new fire station

After more than a decade, Simbu Province will soon have access to the fire service.

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will pave way for strategising and ground work to take place towards the building of a new fire station at Kundiawa.

The MoU was signed at the Fire Service headquarters at Waigani, Port Moresby, last week.

Chief Fire Officer Bill Roo said the singing of the MoU has built a bridge for the fire service and the Chimbu Provincial Government to work together towards building this vital infrastructure.

He said Kundiawa is fast becoming one of the go-to towns in the country and now with the newly-built state-of-the-art hospital, business houses and investors will soon be flocking into the province, hence as infrastructure increase, so does the risk of fire.

The Governor for Simbu, Michael Dua, was excited as he stated the importance of having a fire station in the town.

He said the opportunities for businesses in the province are increasing and it is vital for a fire station to be built in the town.

The government will be working very closely with the fire department to ensure everything goes smoothly to have that vital service.

An inspector will be sent over to do consultation work and awareness before the actual work on a station will be established.

Imelda Wavik