Siblings to stand trial

A case of domestic violence between a couple will now see two siblings from the Northern province stand trial in court after they retaliated against the instigator of the fight.

The case of grievous bodily harm against Alma Jagiri (33), Bernard Jagiri (29) of Tufi, was committed to the Waigani National Court for trial.

They will go for listing before the National Court at the end of the month.

Their younger brother, a 17-year-old was also implicated in the allegations, however his case was dismissed from the Juvenile court.

Both went appeared before Magistrate Mekeo Gauli asking for the case against them to be struck out too however he said the evidence against Bernard showed that he was very much involved in the fight too.

According to the police summary of facts, the incident took place after Alma went to her maiden family house on the night of Oct 29, 2016.

Her husband, Kelly Avedi went to the house to her with their daughter however, Alma refused to leave, resulting in a fight between them.

Avedi allegedly used a PVC pipe to bash his wife up before her relatives intervened.

It was alleged the 17-year-old stoned Avedi's head, causing him to bleed profusely.

A formal complaint was then laid, which led to the arrest of the three siblings on Nov 21, 2016.

Sally Pokiton