SHP Women Demand Change

A civil rights movement is stirring up in the Southern Highlands Province. Women leaders from across five districts in the province have formulated the Southern Highlands Women Action Plan.

The demand for change has brought about a civil rights movement in partnership with Mama Halipim Mama Foundation to prepare the Action Plan for the women of Southern Highlands Province.

The plan will shed light and support for women across the province, as funds for the women are in Court, where the National Council of Women and the Mendi Community Development office are engaged in dispute. 

The National Council of Women has a commitment to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse at the individual agency level.

The civil rights movement is made up of women leaders who were participants from a UN Women Forum Highlands meeting held under the Women Make Change program. The women leaders attended a three-day workshop in Waluwili Village Ialibu district.

These women are planning to stage a big Acceptance Program where they will present their plans to the Governor William Powi on November 25 in Walum, Imbonggu District.

The plan, when received, will be the first plan for a Provincial Government to receive, backed by the UN Women support program Women Make Change.

Marysila Kellerton