SHP commended for improvement in crime rate

Southern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, Sibron Papoto has commended the people and provincial government of Southern Highlands for assisting to minimise the crime rate in the province.

Papoto said the Office of the Crime Division in Port Moresby reported that Southern Highlands Province alone achieved a 90 per cent rating for successfully prosecuting and convicting major crimes in the province.

He attributed this success to the support provided to the police by the provincial government over the years.

The provincial government had purchased up to 15 vehicles for the police within the last 5 years compared to just 5 vehicles from the department within this same time, funded the recruitment of new police officers,  building of a police barracks for Kagua Police, and allocated K350,000 to renovate the new office space for the new divisional commander to be based in Mendi.

“Crime em I stap olsem long management level. Na mi laik assurim governor olsem displa support blong em long law and order insait long Southern Highlands is not wasted,” said Papoto.

He called on the people of Southern Highlands to continue to work with the police to achieve more good results.

He also thanked the governor of Southern Highlands, William Powi and his PEC members for investing heavily in the law and order sector as the province strives to restore basic services that have deteriorated due to tribal conflicts in the province.

Ruth Rungula