Shops looted in nation’s capital

A number of shops in Port Moresby are being looted following the rampage at Parliament by Joint Security Task Force members earlier today.

Reports have come in from Erima, Tokarara, Hohola, Waigani and Gerehu of opportunists looting, or attempting to loot, Asian-owned shops.

Residents at Waigani have reported that police had to fire teargas to disperse a gathering crowd while gunshots were heard at Gordon’s and Gerehu.

Witnesses have also reported the stoning of vehicles from the Erima to Nine-Mile road.

At around 12pm today, members of the Joint Security Task Force convoyed to the Parliament to air their grievances over the non-payment of APEC allowance.

Instead, members of the force vandalised the Parliament.

Banks, business houses and government departments have closed early.

(Students running off with goods from the Desh Besh shop at Tokarara – Picture: Imelda Wavik)

Carmella Gware