Settlers to own land

​Thousands of settlers occupying land illegally within the nation’s capital will be given the opportunity to own a piece of land and a home.

North-East Member and Minister for Urbanisation and Housing, John Kaupa, has taken his Urbanisation Office to task in negotiation for the conversion of customary land into proper suburb for residents in his electorate.

The Minister and his executive director, Max Keo, along with some senior officers from the urbanisation office visited a site behind ATS to meet with Moiha clan leaders for the development of the area.

With this being the minister’s second visit to the area, Kaupa said he sees a positive step towards development that will bring a lot of spin for the traditional landowners.

Other stakeholders, including the Department of Lands/Physical Planning, NCDC, Eda Ranu, PNG Power and the Office of the NCD Governor will be officially informed soon for further consultation once the agreement formalities between his office and the customary land owners are established.

“I am a state minister currently living in the Six-Mile Settlement; where I have been residing for almost 25 years.”

Seeing as the city expanded and with the current influx of people flooding into the city, Kaupa has taken the initiative to ensure people coming to live in the city are properly housed with legal titles on their land.

He adds that the Moiha landowners’ clan will get maximum benefit in terms of resettlement and development in their area.

(Loop file pic of Kaupa and his wife)







Annette Kora