Settlers left in shock

Settlers living behind Fletcher Morobe at 6mile in the nation’s capital, say they were taken by surprise when police accompanied a bulldozer into their residential area early this week, and bulldozed houses.

Apparently Fletcher Morobe had won a 10 year court battle over this piece of land, and the physical removal of permanent to semi-permanent structures, was a result of the non-adherence to a number of eviction notices issued to the community.

A lone bulldozer took down homes belonging to three generations of settlers.

Police were there to supervise; some settlers stood by and watched, others made it there business to take down their houses in an orderly fashion.

Community leaders were saddened that one of the first settlements in the nation’s capital, dating back to the 1960s was never developed and has led to this eviction.

According to a 2nd generation resident, David Pege, his father had settled there when he came to work for Morobe Construction now ‘Fletcher Morobe’.

Pege accepted that Fletcher Morobe won the 10 year court battle over this piece of land, but he was more concerned about the vulnerable members of the community, saying they are stranded with no place to go.

Fletcher Morobe General Manager Keith Fletcher said the eviction order was issued 10 years ago, with a number eviction notices issued overtime.

And while some settlers have somewhat accepted their fate, others, not quite.

Generally, the settlers appealed to concerned leaders for assistance for the families now left without shelter, and importantly a plan for resettlement.

Salome Vincent