Serve PNG with compassion: Somare

Somare encouraged the police force to have compassion and love as they serve the people of PNG.

Speaking during his Royal PNG Constabulary farewell yesterday, he said like members of parliament, the work of the disciplinary forces has to be undertaken in respect to the rule of law.

Following the rule of law will determine if we can advance as a nation or collapse into mayhem and lawlessness.

“We have to uphold the law as prescribed by our constitution and must be given the same respect like all others.”

Somare urged all police men and women in the country to take pride in their work; with real conviction and real service to the community.

He reminded officers that his father, Ludwig Sana, was also a policeman for a very long time and as his son growing up, he was very proud of his father being a policeman.

“I want you young people to preserve the tradition that is being served by our forefathers and it’s a great thing to be of service to the people,” said the Grand Chief.

“Honour your careers as there are young people who watch you and would want to follow your footsteps in the future.”

Acknowledging the 2017 general elections operations, Somare urged all police men and women to serve the country well to allow for a free, fair and safe election, adding that he cannot emphasize enough the importance of the forces’ role in this year’s election.

“You owe the future generation of our country to uphold the law,” he said.


Annette Kora