Self-Reliance Way Forward: Chan

New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan believes the province will move forward once it achieves political, administrative and financial autonomy.

He said New Ireland has chosen to walk the talk of self-reliance and Autonomy since 2007 and recent achievements stand testimony of the work and ability to become fully autonomous. It is also to involve women in certain local government seats.
In March of 2008, NIP Autonomy Committee was set up headed by late Stephen Mokis and worked for five years to prepare for autonomy. The committee held consultative meetings and workshops with a number of government agencies.
It conducted awareness meetings NIP-wide and presented the draft Autonomy Policy to the Government.
NIP Government drafted the Amendment to Part 15 of the National Constitution to accommodate the Organic Law on the Autonomous Government of New Ireland.
Sir Julius said in September 7, 2016, the NIP Provincial Assembly made a big leap forward when it adopted and declared Autonomy for the province. The move was to enable NIP to realise its full potential under the Constitution and the Laws of PNG.
He said the New Ireland model of Autonomy is for the wholesale takeover of powers to be fully autonomous like in Federalism. Under a Federal system, the State Governments are fully autonomous yet remain together under the Federal Government. NIP want to keep the original powers of the people of New Ireland in the Autonomous Government of New Ireland.
The Amendment for Autonomous Government provides for:
  • Political Autonomy
  • Administrative Autonomy
  • Financial Autonomy
Political Autonomy will enable the Autonomous Government of NIP to make laws and decisions on governance, funding and control of development in the province. Administrative Autonomy gives the province control on its workforce under the New Ireland Public Services (Management) Act and other administrative functions of service delivery.
Financial Autonomy is to enable NIP to generate own wealth and raise revenues to support the Autonomous Government.
The NIP pledges of service delivery in the Malagan Declaration, Malagan Declaration Forward now incorporated into the New Ireland Declaration have come to fruition.
Sir Julius has acknowledged the support, courage, determination and goodwill of his people to move New Ireland forward.
“My government is building New Ireland for the future. We are building the base structure to prepare the new generation for tomorrow. We want young people to build a life that will sustain through self-reliance. It is the only way to real life."