Security guaranteed for Walk for Life

Security is guaranteed for the Human Rights Walk for Life this Sunday, 10th December.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop stated this in a conference with media earlier this morning at the City Hall office.

Parkop was referring to the recent incident that occurred during the Walk for Life program last Sunday which saw opportunists attack and assault motorists at different locations in the city.

Describing the incident as regrettable, Parkop said this will not make him stop the Walk for Life program that has been going on for two years already.

Manager for Active City program, Fazilah Bazari, says they have taken security as a big major issue.

The program has engaged a security firm to be on standby at the major junctions and locations in the city while the walk continues as well as the presence of some police personnel.

“We thank everyone on social media for criticisms and suggestions and that we will be taking your comments into consideration.”

Ms Bazari challenged those who have been criticising the program about the security issue on social media to also come out of their comfort zone and join the walk and see for themselves how safe the walk can be for everyone in the city.

“We want to embrace change, to find out whom these people are that are causing harm and distress and change their behaviour and mindsets.”

(Manager for Active City program, Fazilah Bazari)

Annette Kora