Security forces maintain order in SHP

​Security forces are on the ground at the PNG LNG plant site at Hides, Hela Province maintaining law and order.

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill told Loop PNG that the number of security forces will increase in the next few days.

The PM’s response came after Shadow Minister for Democratic Institutions and the Rule of Law, Kerenga Kua released a statement claiming that O’Neill must be blamed for the lawlessness behavior happening in Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces.

Kua claimed that regular incidents of violence and lawlessness are taking place in these two provinces without the lack of government supervised interventions.

“The lawlessness has spilled over from the recently ill conducted National General Elections. There is evidence of arms-buildups in villages and pictures of high powered weapons are being shared widely and openly on social media,” said Kua

However, O’Neill responded saying “We have ongoing problems there because landowner issues were not properly addressed during the LNG agreement that was signed by the then government.

“Our security forces are on the ground maintaining law and order.

“We are also increasing the number of manpower over the next few days.”

Kua said political interference in the operations of the police force has resulted in rampant infighting among the ranks.

“Our country is on the brink of lawlessness and unless immediate measures are taken to address the problems raging in the force, our ordinary citizens are not guaranteed any protection by the leadership of this country.

“This lawlessness will spread across our country if the Prime Minister does not settle down and get to work to restore peace and the rule of law in his own backyard,” says Kua.


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Freddy Mou