SDA backs proposed ‘Christian nation’ status

The Seventh-Day Adventist church has supported the National Government’s decision to declare Papua New Guinea a Christian nation.

Leader of the church in the country, President Pastor Kepsie Elodo, said since 96 percent of the nation’s population are Christians, it is appropriate that the Government declare the nation’s status as such.   

“It’s about time that the world must know that the official religion of PNG is Christianity,” he stated.

“Sin is here to stay and will continue to affect our day-to-day lives. We are not perfect.  However, confession, forgiveness and reconciliation will help strengthen and maintain our Christian lives, with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.  

“We may not be living up to Christian standards but when we declare that we are a Christian nation, it should help us to strengthen our Christian beliefs and principles,” Pr Elodo stated.  

Pr Elodo also encouraged Seventh-Day Adventists and other Christian believers to strongly uphold Biblical principles.   

He also urged political leaders and people in high places to uphold Biblical principles when making decisions.

“God’s principles should be supreme when they make decisions, whether it be in government or anything.  

“Not only are we declaring ourselves to the world that we are a Christian country but we are declaring to God that He is our God.”

Meanwhile, Pr Elodo recommended that the Government should consider business hours for the week.   

“Business hours should be from Monday to Friday. The weekend should be spent on worshipping God. Seventh-Day Adventists can observe the Sabbath (Saturday) while others can observe Sunday.

“People should not work on weekends but worship God and fellowship with one another. This will show the world that we are truly a Christian nation.

“We must be practising Christians. We need to respect religious liberty.” 

He also recommended that the nation’s Christian status should be embedded as a clause in the Constitution.

“For now, it is only stated in the preamble of the Constitution. However, there must be a separate clause in the Constitution,” Pr Elodo said.

(Pastor Kepsie Elodo)

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