Scripture Union Feeds School Children

Volunteers from the Scripture Union Papua New Guinea (SUPNG) visited the Bavaroko Primary School this morning to run the Sumatin Feed program.

The team started setting up at 6:30 this morning for a 7 am start. They served scones, biscuits and juice.  

The Sumatin Feed program was established in 2018, it is funded through voluntary contributions from the union and its members.

Scripture Union PNG is part of a worldwide interdenominational organization that aims to engage and encourage young people in their Christian faith.

The members of SUPNG were former students who joined the union after completing primary school education.

SUPNG Chairman, Jacob Vavine said the program was established to fill the gap for children that were not able to have breakfast before coming to school.

Mr Vavine said this need was realised at a morning prayer program when a student collapsed due to not having breakfast before the day started.

He added that it is also a great initiative to encourage students to come early as the team starts setting up at 6:30 am for a 7 am start.

“Most of the kids come from the settlements, we have no idea how their situation is like at their homes. Therefore, we thought, it would be good to come and do something like this in the schools.

“Our main concern is to get students to concentrate better in class, to have a full tummy and concentrate well in class.”

He said they would like the program to be consistent and for school visits done three times in a week instead of once in a term.  

Since the establishment of the program, the team have visited ten schools and look forward visiting more in the schools.

Bavaroko Primary School Principal, Catherine Moresi said the program has helped many children to get through the first part of day. She said the school plans to adapt the breakfast program.  

“We are educating them to reach to help the unfortunate children, when we are doing this type of programs, the children are observing.”

Mrs Moresi said she hopes to educate not just intellectually, but the student as a whole and through the program, they will learn humility and selflessness. 

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