Schools to recover lost hours

Schools throughout the country have lost five weeks of effective teaching and learning due to the State of Emergency.

The Ministry of Education has issued instructions to schools to recover the lost instruction hours and to continue in this 2020 academic year.

Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy has issued directives to all teachers from elementary to Secondary schools to resume on the 27th of April to prepare for the resumption of classes on the 4th of May.

Term 2 classes will start on the 4th of May and will end on the 10th of July.  Term 3 will start as per the Education Calendar which is on the 20th of August.

Minister Yopyyopy says schools will maintain the 5 days of school per week and will recover one week.  Term 2 holidays will be reduced from 2 weeks to only 1 week. 

“We will recover the other four weeks by adding one lession period to normal classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and two periods added to Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Example in high schools, there will be 8 additional periods each week equivalent to gaining one additional day each week. Hence in term 2 and 3, we will gain 19 days or about four weeks”

Minister Yopyyopy says because the SOE started at the end of week six of term 1, all schools will resume lessons from week 7 of term 1.

He adviced teachers to recover all lost hours before the end of term 3 so students can do the required lessons. 

The grade 10 written expression exams that was scheduled for the 4th of April has now been deferred to the 18th of June, while other national examinations dates remain. 

Jemimah Sukbat