Schools need to adhere: Official

Schools need to adhere to the minimum operating standard if they want the National Department of Education to recognise them.

Assistant secretary of early childhood education, Michael Mera, outlined that upon request by the Provincial Education Board (PEB), a school inspector will visit the proposed institution to see whether it has complied with the minimum operating standard.

Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration include infrastructure, the general environment, catchment areas and teachers.

The inspector then presents the report to the PEB, who will make a provincial recommendation to the general education division within the education department.

From there the recommendation will be given to the education secretary for his approval and endorsement.

“If they want the department to recognise them, they must follow the minimum operating standard and follow the process,” said Mera.

“And when that process is completed, and is approved, then that institution is now recognised.

“When an institution is recognised, whatever the department gives, in terms of Government Tuition Fee Subsidy (GTFS), can be done. Whatever in terms of training for teachers, can be done. Whatever in terms of funding allocated for schools, can be done because they have followed that process.

“That’s how the department would like to see the establishment of early childhood schools and centres in Papua New Guinea.”


Carmella Gware