School attacked, tribal leaders urged to surrender

Hela Governor Philip Undialu has condemned the burning of classrooms and school properties at the Hela Technical School in Tari yesterday morning.

Two buildings containing eight classrooms and a teacher’s house were set on fire.

Undialu told this newsroom that at about 7am yesterday (Nov 5th), tribes from Tagali and Linavi LLG got together and attacked the Hela Technical High School at Paipali village.

He said the attack took the people by surprise as two warring clans from the area had signed a peace agreement on Sunday, preventing them from getting involved in tribal fights.

The signing was witnessed by police personnel and peace mediators at the Tari Police Station.  

Police are now calling for both leaders of Tagali and Linavi LLG area to surrender.

Governor Undialu claimed that such an attack on state property was the work of failed politicians in the province who were intent on destroying Hela.

He added that majority of Hela people wanted change and development and are fed up with tribal fighting.


Freddy Mou