SBE curriculum to be fully implemented by 2019

The Government has set the target to fully implement the Standard Based Education (SBE) curriculum from elementary right up to Grade 12 by 2019.

In preparation for the full implementation of the curriculum at the elementary level, the Department of Education (DoE) has already carried out training sessions in all provinces in 2015 and 2016.

Over 17,000 elementary teachers have been trained and are ready for implementation.

7, 000 elementary schools in the country will begin the 2017 academic year with the new curriculum learning kits.

The delivery of SBC elementary syllabuses, teacher guides and English kits to all elementary schools throughout the country was launched today.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman said to date, they’re happy with the progress to fully implement the SBE curriculum.

Kuman said that the arrival of the materials in schools will pave way for full implementation as teachers are ready to utilise them in teaching and learning activities.

He highlighted that the decision by the government to endorse a SBE and SBC for PNG schools was deliberate to ensure that we identify the important knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that all students are expected to acquire.

Quintina Naime