Saonu-Basil Scholarship Announced

The Morobe Provincial Government announced that it would offer an Academic Excellence Scholarship for Morobe students in honour of the late Deputy Prime Minister and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil.

This was announced on Thursday, May 19 at the Funeral Service of the late MP at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium.

The AES is to be named as, ‘Saonu-Basil Academic Excellence Scholarship’, the K400,000 annual scholarships will be administered to students for Political & Development Sciences in Post- Graduate and PhD Studies.

Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu made this announcement and explained that the scholars will capture the legacy of the Late Sam Basil for Morobeans for generations to come.

He said K400,000 annually will be budgeted by the Provincial Government towards this scholarship.

“I also take this opportunity to announce that the Provincial Government is taking the initiative and lead to introduce an education fund for the children of the late Sam Basil.

“I am pledging K50,000 towards that fund from the Morobe Provincial Government, and I invite stakeholders including the Government and NEC to contribute towards this fund to be managed by the Morobe Provincial Government Education Division,” added Saonu.

He said the Provincial Government PEC convened an emergency session upon receiving news of his tragic death and resolved to accord him the highest respect worthy of a leader of his caliber.

“The PEC made a Resolution to allocate K2 million for his funeral expenses. The respect my government accords the late Sam Basil. This has been displayed and continues into the next couple of days.”

The Governor said his relationship with the late DPM, goes back over 30 years, when he was the late Basil’s high school teacher at Bumayong High School in Lae.

“We were brought together again in 2017, when he as the then PANGU Pati Leader led a group of seven candidates to give a huge victory to PANGU Pati and reviving the party. The rest is history.

“He is a leader that is loved by his people and that love was demonstrated over the past week and today as well.”

Loop Author