Sandaun people urged to register

The people of West Sepik have been urged to register under the National Identification program so that the Government can properly plan the province’s development.

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, said this during the official opening of the Vanimo NID Office.

Maru said the registration of people will assist the Government as part of the proposed Special Economic Zone infrastructural plans.

Minister Maru and his delegation were greeted by locals at East Park where the Provincial NID Office has been constructed.

During the ceremony, Minister Maru urged all locals to register, as it will ensure they receive vital government services.

He also warned public servants in the province, saying the NID will secure their jobs.

“It’s likely that the NEC will make the decision that after December 31st, no NID, no pay,” said Maru.

“So public servants, organise yourselves in your respective departments and divisions and mark a time for you all to get your NIDs done.”

Maru urged West Sepik Governor, Tony Wouwou, and his district MPs to sign MOU’s to have district NID offices opened so it is easier for rural-based people to register.

“I want to impress on you the importance of the card, and how it will allow you to access all the different services in the future, both in the public sector and private sector.”

National Identification & Civil Registry Registrar, Michael Kumung, said the Vanimo NID office is the 13th office to be opened in the country.

“All our people must have the benefit of registering themselves so they must be identified and government will use this information to plan for them,” Kumung said.

West Sepik Governor, Wouwou, was the first to receive his birth certificate and NID card under the program for the province.

The Vanimo NID Office immediately began with enthusiastic locals eager to get themselves registered under the program.

(The Vanimo NID Office)

Cedric Patjole