Samb on Jomard Passage

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure William Samb has requested the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) to plot out the actual entry and exit points of the Jomard Passage so that stakeholders in the vicinity can be consulted accordingly.

Jomard Passage is located in the waters of Milne Bay Province, along the Louisiade Archipelago and the passage that connects the Solomon’s Sea with the Coral Sea. It is a mandatory pilotage and maritime conservation area, a decision approved by the National Executive Council.

Minister Samb said the issue regarding Jomard Passage is one he seeks to rectify in his term as Minister.

He has urged the stakeholders and leaders of the province to come together and mobilize the people within the area to come to an agreement in the coming stakeholders meeting in the province.

He said he visited the area recently with Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Isi Henry Leonard.  

Meantime, Minister Samb said his ministry has in place the National Transport Plan for this year. The two main programs under the plan are the vessels and jetties program. He said funding is assigned and there is collaboration with the Ministry for Treasury for the rollout.

Marysila Kellerton