Safety of travelling public vital

The safety of the travelling public at airports is of paramount importance.

Member for Kandep and Minister for Civil Aviation, Alfred Manase, made this remark on Monday (19 March) during the opening of the new Airport Police Station at the Jackson’s International Airport in Port Moresby.

The new airport police station was jointly opened by Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Andrew Colvin.

It was funded by the AFP through the PNG-Australia Partnership Program.

Baki thanked the AFP and said the new police station will go a long way towards ensuring that the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) maintains a permanent police presence at the airport and provides policing services, security and ensures the safety of the public.

He said this was something they wanted for so long and is very appreciative of the AFP’s assistance. He reminded the police officers that in addition to the normal policing, they now have an extra obligation on aviation security.

AFP Commissioner Colvin said the first hospitality for any country is the safety at the airport. Therefore, having a police station at the airport gives police a responsibility to play and ensure that the airport is safe and inviting for people to come.

The new airport police station was built in preparation for the upcoming APEC meeting but Commissioner Baki challenged the members of the RPNGC to maintain the facilities even well after the meetings.

 Commissioner Baki said as part of increasing capabilities, the Airport Police Station has sufficient capacities for criminal investigation, family and sexual volunteers, bomb search capability, community policing and public safety.

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