Rural Electrification Talks

Twenty five sites have been identified in the country for rural electrification with an estimate of K100 million from foreign investments discussed in relation to supporting its roll-out.

This was revealed recently by Forests Minister, Walter Schnaubelt during his visit to Dubai during the Expo2020 Climate and Biodiversity Week.

Minister Schnaubelt said the dialogue that transpired from the week between him and investors, established a good relationship with key stakeholders who will partner with this initiative and give PNG the necessary support that it needs for the project.

“I was able to breach that discussion and now, allowing the foreign affairs team at the pavilion to take carriage of that administrative side of this particular initiative.

“The benefits of rural electrification is a big thing for us. Most of our people are off the main grid and require electricity and if we are going to increase the standard of living and the level of living within our rural areas, electricity plays a huge role in achieving this,” Minister Schnaubelt said.

Loop Author