Rural Airstrip Agencies Database launched

At the signing of the renewed partnership between Rural Airstrip Agency of PNG and GoPNG, the Rural Airstrip Agencies Database was launched.

The database shows rural airstrips all over the country. It indicates which airstrips are in use, which are domain and which are currently rehabilitated. Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt, opened the database by clicking on the database map to indicate the airstrips.

RAA Chief Executive officer, Hau’ofa Sailasa, said due to the delicensing of airstrips, there are over 200 airstrips being surveyed.

“Every meeting we were always talking about database and the importance of database so in Rural Airstrip Agency we have compiled all our airstrips throughout this country. There is about 80 that we are concentrating on,” said Sailasa.

Loop Author