Rumginae struggles to feed patients

Staff at North Fly District’s Rumginae Hospital received a food donation from Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF).

The food was presented to the hospital, for its inpatients. OTDF Executive Manager Program Services, Eric Kuman, delivered to the hospital 30 rice bags, containers of cooking oil, boxes of tinned fish and cartons of noodles.

Rumginae Hospital Medical Officer Dr Kevin Pondikou stated that the hospital has seen an increase in patients from 20 to 60 a day after the temporary closure of the Kiunga hospital. Dr Pondikou also said that Rumginae has a feeding capacity of no more than 20 patients because the facility can only provide a kilo of rice and a small tin of fish per week.

He added that the hospital can cater for 60 patients, but only feeds half the number. This has added stress on the inpatients, especially those who need close medical attention.

Dr Pondikou said on average the hospital receives 10, 000 patients in a year. From this, about one thousand remain in the hospital for long periods of time, depending on the state of their health.

He added that despite being fully staffed and adequately equipped with medical supplies, keeping patients fed is a struggle due to insufficient funds.

Rumginae Hospital is a church run health facility, operated by the Evangelical Church of PNG (ECPNG) Church Health Services.

“On behalf of ECPNG Health Services I thank OTDF. This is one area of concern at present, we can treat our patients but we are unable to feed them. Many church run health facilities have been struggling due to huge budget cuts and Rumginae is no exception but to have such support coming through is very helpful,” said ECPNG CHS Secretary Amono Asipali.


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