Rowdy residents disciplined

Keeping intoxicated individuals off the streets will ensure a peaceful celebration for residents, says the NCD metropolitan superintendent.

He stressed on this before the police new year operations went into full swing on the evening of December 31st, 2018.

The nation’s capital was divided into three zones: Zone 1 covered the three police stations of Hohola, Badili and Port Moresby; whilst zone two was Boroko, Waigani and Gerehu; and the final zone consisted of Gordon’s, Six-Mile and the Jackson’s International Airport station.

Each zone commander set up roadblocks using their discretion whilst a convoy of five vehicles, led by Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou, patrolled the city’s hotspots from 8pm until 6am, apprehending intoxicated and disorderly individuals in the prison van whilst urging loiterers to go home and celebrate in their respective premises.

The convoy did two revolutions around the city, picking up 12 miscreants along the way as well as removing barriers from the dark Baruni road.

Unfortunately, attempts to apprehend the offenders were unsuccessful due to low visibility.

“We were only at certain areas, we didn’t cover the city. It’s impossible for police to do so,” said N’Dranou.

However, the metropolitan superintendent said this year was quieter than the previous years, crediting residents for ensuring a better 2019 celebration.

Meantime, the intoxicated offenders that were picked up during the operation were severely cautioned early this morning then made to form a conga line (holding onto each other’s waist in a line) and chant “we will not drink beer”.

They were made to march all the way from the Boroko holding cell to the bus stop opposite the market.

N’Dranou said their aim was to keep them in the prison van until they sober up in the morning, then let them go, hoping this would serve as a deterrent.

The only major incidents during the operation were the deaths of two men in what was labeled ‘criminal intent gone wrong’ (see separate story).

(The offenders in a conga line this morning)

Carmella Gware