Rosso Brushes Aside Critics

Deputy Prime Minister and Lae MP, John Rosso has slammed critics regarding PANGU Pati rigging elections because of the number of seats won by the party in the 2022 National General Elections.

When attending PANGU Pati member, John Kaupa’s declaration yesterday, DPM Rosso highlighted that PANGU’s big win was the choice of the people and that the election was not rigged by PANGU as assumed by many.

“PANGU Pati has been given a huge mandate by our people, now Kaupa is our 37th candidate, and so the people of PNG have spoken, many people saying that PANGU Pati rigged the elections but you have seen it yourself?” he asked. 

He acknowledged runner-up candidate for Moresby North-East, Andapanga Baliawe’s scrutineer, who was in the counting vicinity and there was no interruption of counting.

“If PANGU Pati would have rigged the elections, people like John Simon who is our strong candidate in Sepik would have got back his seat but he lost, in addition Robert Agarobe one of our strong candidates lost as well. There wasn’t and rigging but it was the democratic process.”

He stated that the challenge now is on the selected leaders to persevere for a good and better Papua New Guinea. 

Loop author