A road after 40 plus years

The people of Bus Karinz in the Mendi Munihiu electorate in Southern Highlands Province are now able to get a PMV ride to town after many years.

The only access for these people was to get up as early as 3am to get to the nearest road and catch a PMV to town.

That is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Southern Highlands Provincial government through the leadership of Governor William Powi who put money aside every year since taking office.

A total of 5 million invested over five years has seen the completion of this road.

Community leaders said the road was first built by hand back in the 1960s and has never been funded since then.

“Wanpla man kolim Ken blong Australia, em colonial kiap, em kam wokim displa feeder road wantaim ol tumbuna blong mipla wantaim digging stick. Nau governor yu rausim displa matmat na u opim narapla chapter na pipol I amamas na tok tenkiu”.

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi  said his government had invested 41 million in the Mendi Munihiu district alone and highlighted all projects funded during his time in office.

He also told people not to expect parliamentarians to bring change to their provinces and districts over -night.

“Parliament em olsem wanpla bottomless pit, han nek nogat pinis blong em.Yu no holim gut na u tok mi bai mekim olsem, mi bai mekim olsem, yu driman ya, yu bai popaia”.

Powi’s development strategy is to fix the districts first before the provincial capital.

“Sampla ol governor stap pastaim long en, arere arere ya, rot bagarap, haus sik buruk na skul bagarap ya yu no lukim. Putim wanpla building long town na paitim bros, while the whole province is falling apart,” said Powi.

The road opening over the weekend attracted thousands who will benefit from this service.

He also promised to continue funding this road after the elections to ensure it is well kept and people continue to enjoy this service.

Ruth Rungula