Ripped testicle case: Tari man guilty

A man from Tari, Hela Province, has been found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to his uncle last year.

Thomas Warepa was convicted today and is now in custody at Bomana awaiting his sentence.

Justice Martin Ipang found he caused grievous bodily harm by pulling off Kelo Kewaki’s testicles in the family home at Erima, Port Moresby, on June 25 last year.

But the court noted that he had reasons behind his action. He was assaulted by Kewaki after he was found sleeping in a room of the house he wasn't supposed to.

Warepa woke up to being punched and kicked by Kewaki after his sister-in-law alerted Kewaki of an unknown man sleeping in their room. She didn't know it was him because he went to sleep and covered himself from head to toe.

Warepa had returned home drunk that night but found himself in trouble when he fell asleep in the wrong area with the women when he shouldn't have.

Justice Ipang said he had no bad intention, however customarily, it was not right for men to sleep in the same area.

Compensation of K14,000 was paid to Kewaki while Warepa was at Bomana awaiting his trial.

His lawyer asked the court to impose a sentence term not exceeding seven years as his punishment.

That sentence will be handed down soon.

Sally Pokiton