Review of gov’t system ends on a high note

The nationwide consultation on the Review of the Form and System of Government -The Election of the Prime Minister By the People, is officially closed.

This follows the successful conclusion of the final inquiry with the heads of government agencies and NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and Member for Moresby Northwest Lohia Boe Samuel recently in Port Moresby.

“This officially brings to close nearly three months of very intense consultation right around the country, beginning on the 6th of March and we are satisfied with the outcome so far,” CLRC Chairman, Saki Soloma said.

However, CLRC is still accepting public views through written submissions and the online survey until the 30th of June 2023 when these platforms also formally closed.

Soloma said CLRC is already working on the report   that will contain the proposed recommendations, backed with full detail and data from the nationwide consultation and other research methods, in preparation for presentation to the Government in December 2023.

“Whilst I cannot divulge much on the results of the consultation as they are not public information at this stage, I can say that the predominant and general call throughout the country was on the need for change to happen with the current system of government,” he said.

Soloma added that it was noted from the nationwide consultation that the desire for change was backed predominantly   by the fact   that tangible services are literally failing to reach the people especially in the remote areas.

“Essentially, that is one of the key reasons why this Review was initiated, to look into our system of government, and improve or make drastic changes, if need be, so that whatever the outcome may be, the final results should also be that much needed services ultimately reach and impact the lives of our people who so deserve it for far too long now,” he said.

Hon. Soloma thanked everyone who participated in the consultation and contributed their views, notably the National Parliamentarians, all provincial governments and their administrators, departmental heads, LLG presidents and ward members, public servants, students and the general public at large.

“Their participation exemplifies a common commitment to improve our system of government for the greater good of the country,” Soloma said.

Soloma thanked partner government agencies for their support in conducting the nationwide consultation.